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I agree with the other reviewers: this scene is a disappointment. When I saw the screenshots I felt pretty excited because Andrea has a hot body and the action looked interesting, including anal. But when I saw the movie I realized that her performance is not that good: she closes her eyes and looks a bit shy, her ass it not fully penetrated and even the final creampie is weak. There are more cons than pros and I didn't enjoy the scene. Sometimes a hot girl doesn't make a hot movie.
Blonde and leggy. Nice combination. This should have been a great scene. The bad news is I never really got into it, partly because I don't think she ever got into it. Don't get me wrong, I never blame the actress for weak videos. You can see where she follows directions to the letter. Therein lies the problem. Time for oral. Go. Time for vaginal. Go. She keeps her eyes closed for long stretches of time where she could have been connecting with the viewer. Towards the end there seemed to be some difficulty getting the actor's dick all the way into her ass. What an opportunity to show some expression of pain, anticipation, or even joy! But, no. With all of that being said, I do think we, as viewers, are spoiled by the sheer volume of porn we constantly watch. There are some very good elements to this video. Perhaps with more experience on her part or closer scruitiny on the director's part, a rare miss can be avoided. - Civlor
I initially wrote this review much harsher, but I have tempered my tone a bit as perhaps we were supposed to have a let down after the volcanic performance of Mischa Cross. Andrea Parker is good looking, but I am not as into her as the above reviewers. I think her problem is that she seems very uncomfortable with the camera pointed at her, and probably does not get that sex for the camera is very different than sex for her partner. She is too shy to look into the camera, and spends most of the time looking down, and as viewers, we have minimal eye contact, and she largely seems disinterested. (Though I'm not sure any of us viewers would be so into looking into a camera lens held by a camera man while we are having sex.)

The tease was ok, as Andrea was dolled up with her hair and dress looking great. And she did well as the stud came in and tongued her pussy and ass. She gave a decent blowjob, which probably felt better than it looked, then sat on our stud's cock. After some cowgirl vaginal, we get some side anal, followed by doggy anal, then more side anal for the internal cumshot, for a relatively fast fade to black.
If Andrea Parker was even half as good a performer as she is beautiful she could be a huge star. She may be one of the best looking girls to grace this site in a long time. However she gives one of the most pedestrian performances you will ever see in an anal scene and judging by the action it was pretty clear Andrea wanted absolutely no part of a cock in her ass. Her blowjob was fairly good, and she is certainly enjoyable to look at. If she is brought back, she needs to decide if she really wants to be there. - Tudor
Blonde hottie Andrea Parker is a very beautiful young lady, but I am not sure whether starring in porn scenes is her favorite sport. Don't get it wrong, the lady is really a class act, but to me this scene gives the impression that she is too shy to become a real big hardcore actress.
Other than that: Nice scene - great camerawork, great makeup work, great wardrobe and all.
Girl: 8 out of 10
Scene: 6 out of 10
Total: 7 out of 10
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