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Where the fuck are you finding these girls and can I come work for you? Hanna is one of my new favorites. Cute face, supple tits, firm ass, what more could you ask for? She makes lots of eye contact throughout the video and really seems to get into it. I didn't think I was going to make it through the part when she was playing with her tits. Her cocksucking is not smooth, I'm assuming from lack of experience, but that makes it a bit hotter. Every once in a while you can see her looking at someone off camera for either direction or approval. I approve! What kills me is she seems to have exceptional skill with her tongue. The bad news is we don't see it in action as much as we should. I loved the under-boob camera action almost as much as I love the focus on her face while getting fucked. I also liked her moans and expression, typically reserved for those anal videos. At times, she looked like it was borderline painful. Again, this makes it hotter! Sandwiched between pretty hot scenes was just a blink of cowgirl with no breast-focus. How can you let a girl with this set of tits get by without that shot? The good news is I was quickly distracted from this glaring oversight by a new and really hot scene where she leads him around with her fingers on the tip of his cock. I like new and hot. More please! The scene goes through a few more positions, including another cowgirl, and ends in a rare cowgirl creampie. A keeper! - Civlor
This is one of those scenes a porn fan will learn to appreciate a bit more with every viewing. Is Hanna Sweet one of the prettiest girls ever grace the screen for Perfect Gonzo? Most likely not. However she is blessed with one of the finest, most proportionate figures you will ever see. And her sexual energy, smiling face, and the long lingering camera views of her body throughout the scene will keep a viewer coming back more than a few times to catch some incredibly sexy moments.

Ms. Sweet was more than a bit vocal while taking cock from behind. The close up shots of her facial reaction to being reamed in doggie were a highlight. She moved her hair out of the way so the viewer could see her face which is a subtle sign of a good performer. While she was aware she was being filmed, she was never distracted by it, taking cock and enjoying the sex from beginning to end. This scene is easily a strong 8 out of 10. -Tudor-