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She makes him come twice. There's nothing hotter than when a trained porn star cant hold it because hes too into the girl
Candy is pretty cute. Leggy, blonde, with great tits and honey coloured skin, she's not been blessed with brains or money but a hot body that she's gonna share for dough. It's not long before she's spreading her pussy under her daisy-dukes and fingering herself. She gets stuck in with a pink dildo before the guy turns up, and it's 15:20+ when they start to fuck. She looks great on top and there's pussy to mouth throughout. It's a strange one because the guy comes first at 26:10 and it dribbles out... and then they keep fucking (thank you viagra/cialis) . She's a stunning model and he pops aagain 40:45. Still, one creampie from one guy is better. If there's going to be two creampies it needs two men, because as others have pointed out it's a bit half hearted at the end. Great girl but otherwise only OK. Hopefully she'll be back for more of a workout. 7.5/10 (..reviewer-SJ).
I'm enthusiast of vaginal creampies, I dislike anal sex and anal creampies, you know, I can say that Perfectgonzo anal creampie are really hot lately though. PG releases the best european creampie scenes, IMO. The girls, the locations and the gonzo style itself are awesome.
Perfectgonzo shots no fake creampie at all. Creampies are 100% real and that's means sometime they are not so good to see.
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Two creampies in this scene. WOW! The first is really good one: quite big white load during doggy style, as Admin said. That's weird to see a creampie in the middle of the scene (at 26'). Not so much thick sperm, I have to admit. The second is a passionate ending of the fuck session. I like Candee Licious (nice tight body) and I appreciate watching her creampied. I love this scene! BTW, there's some extra stuff about this scene, stay tuned!

I love Perfectgonzo since 2005 and I will love it forever.

-- Creampie Maniac
There are two creampies in the scene. One during the doggystyle around 25:00, one at the end. You probably only saw the 2nd one which of course is much lower in volume. Thanks for the comment though, I agree creampies need improvements. --admin
At first sight Candee Licious looks like a very interesting model. Her smile reflects an interesting personality and you want to know about her. And indeed, she flirts and exposes herself like a goddess. In the description of this scene says that Candee is ""ultra shy"" but for me is not a shy model. Perhaps during filming the scene was a little nervous, that's why they made to many cuts but she looks great. She has extraordinary oral skills and I love her facial expressions while doing blowjob. Her moans are music for my ears because they are natural and sexy. Her sexual performance was astounding; I wasn't expecting all these of Candee. I give a PERFECT/10. They promise more of her, so I'll be waiting. [-Ramon VM]
sorry but this is crap...most time you bring up anal creampie...then you come up with one of the rare pussy creampies these times and there is nothing to see ... no wonder why no one downloads scenes with crappy creampies ... you really need to do it better ... want to see thick white creampies drips out of the gaping pussy ... mostly the girls are fantastic but creampie lacks